Provision Of Field Services For Rotating Equipment
 Troubleshooting and maintenance services for multiphase pumps, screw compressors, reciprocating compressors and refrigeration / chiller systems. Our scope of services includes supply of spare parts for the equipment and associated systems.
Gas Cylinder Services
 Provision of liquid gas cylinder sampling refurbishment services including cleaning, inspection, re-hydro test and pump recalibration.
Leak Repair Services 
Leak Repair Services
 Utilize Team's on-stream leak repair for acids, hydrocarbons, oxidizers, air, steam and water leaks. Cryogenic to 1,700°F,vaxuum to 6,000 psig. Stop leaking valves, pipes, fittings, flanges, bonnets, rotating equipment, expansion joints, shell and tube excahnges, refractory, vacumm tower trays, furnace tubes (crimps), fin fan tubes, plugs, headers and line crimps up to 4".
Hot Tap Service 
Hot Tap Services

Team's isolation precedures include hot tap and line stops to 4,300 psig and 1,350°F, freeze stops, tee stops, elbow stops, double stops, 45° angle stops, through-the-valve stops, across-the-line stops, multiple stop, simultaneous stops, Super HiStops® (600#+) and folding head line stops.

Pipe Repair Servive 
Pipe Repair Products, Sealants, Fittings

Use Team's ISO-9001 pipe repair enclosues, clamps and related hardware/sealants to stop 1.2"-48" line, ell, union/coupling, and flange leaks. For hot taps, utilize Team's 150# and 600# SealTite® fittings with metal-to-metal seals in sizes 3" to 36", split tee fittings 2"-36", two-and-three-piece saddles 2"-30", and 2"-30" saddle-on nozzles

Field Machining Services 
Field Machining Services

Repair components on-site with machine shop precision with Team's line boring, flange re-faing, 3-axis milling, shaft turning, pipe beveling, spot facing and pipe cutting services.

Technical Bolting Service 
Technical Bolting Services
User Team's bolting services for both turn-arounds and day-to-day maintenance. Team insures overall bolted joint integrity and utilizes only proven disassembly and assembly techniques.


Valve Repair Services 
Valve Repair Services

Repair, repack, recondition or modify any size, type, or process valve in-line. Team's 30-and 50-foot fleet of mobil, onsite machine shops are geared for ASME code and tests to API 598, 6D standards.

Non Destructive Services 
Non-Destructive Testing

Team;s NDT/NDE inspection services include radiography, ultrasonic, remote viewing, IRIS, remote field tube, eddy current, above ground storagetanks/pressure vessels, PMI, NDT project/data management, plus certified API/AWS inspectors.

Emissions Control Services

Team's ELDACS Data Management Program interfaces with commercially available emissions software packages. Flexible, turnkey, LDAR programs provide any combination of level of technical compliance assistance including tagging, monitoring, simple maintenance, and specialized repair services.

Concrete Repair 
Concrete Repair Services

Seal concrete leaks with Team's uretane and epoxy injection of structural cracks. Repair expansion joints, spalls, deteriorated pump/pedestal bases, and secondary containments. Resurface concrete with Team's special coatings and procedure.