Pump Features

  • Low Pressure Ripple
Typically less than 1% peak to peak at maximum pressure performance.
  • Long Life
This can be directly attributed to the patented gear tooth profile and its low Hertzian compression stresses during the meshing phase of the gears, along with the incorporation of the hydrodynamic principle.
Crescent Internal Gear (CIG) Pump
  • Low Contamination Sensitivity
Typically, CIG pumps exhibit excellent resistance to flow degradation when compared to many other pump designs. Derable materials, along with design simplicity provide outstanding durability.
  • Low Noise
Typically less than 68 db(A) for most applications. The patented gear tooth profile used in the CIG product reduces trapped fluid and backlash in the gears reducing pressure pulsations, which in turn lowers airborne noise.
  • Wide Speed Range
The CIG pump can operate at high speed without a suction boost, with excellent suction lift characteristics.
  • Modular Design
Available in single pumps, double pumps or tripple pump configurations where each pump shares a common drive shaft requiring only one driver and saving space.
  • Wide Application Range
Able to handle fluids with viscosities as low as 0.2cSt and is applied at pressures up to 5000 PSI (345 BAR).
High Pressure CIG Pump