PETROTIMUR ENGINEERING SDN BHD is an engineering and servicing company based in Malaysia. Started its operation in October 1995 with its registered no. 199083-H and is fully 100% Bumiputera owned company.

The company has actively engaged in the provision of engineered products and services for oil and gas and petroleum companies in the Asia Region.

The primary business of the company involves :

  • Provision of Rosscor International BV / SES products such as gas conditioning (refrigeration chiller system), multiphase pump package, screw compressor package and water injection pump package.
  • Provision of AG Equipment Company (US) reciprocating compressor package for offshore and onshore application.
  • Provision of pipeline repair (live) and hot tapping services jointly with TEAM (US)
  • Supply of IMO Screw Pumps
  • Supply and Servicing of Gas Sampling Equipment (PGI)